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SocketModem® Cell

SocketModem® Cell cellular modem is a complete, ready-tointegrate communications device that ofers LTE Cat M1 data performance. These quick-to-market communications devices allow developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense. The SocketModem Cell cellular modems are based on industry-standard open interfaces and use MultiTech’s Universal Socket design enabling easy technology transitions and drop and replace simplicity


dragonfly multitech

MultiTech Dragonfly™ Nano

MultiTech Dragonfly™ Nano embedded cellular SoMs are fully certified, MNO approved, ready-to-integrate LTE Cat M1 devices and are one of the industry’s smallest form factor devices that can support a complete IoT operating system. Dragonfly Nano is more than 50% smaller, maintains plug compatibility and uses the same 40-pin board to board connector or USB connector found in the standard sized Dragonfly family.

With its integrated Cortex® -M4 processor, the Dragonfly Nano can host applications and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets. These modules ofer developers the functionality of a programmable computing platform with the convenience of an onboard cellular radio all in one very compact design and are programmable using Arm® Mbed™ allowing for rapid prototyping, development and deployment. Dragonfly Nano can also be used as an embedded cellular modem requiring little or no modification to your existing design.

These devices are 3GPP Release 13 compliant meaning they are optimized for ultra-low power IoT applications while ofering improved range and in building penetration. Example use cases include battery operated sensors, asset trackers, solar powered parking meters and many more IoT applications that require low power and/or low data rate connectivity.



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