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Disciplined Clocks are a trusted and accurate source of timing. Even when GNSS signals are unavailable, they continue to output precise time. These powerful devices consist of GNSS receivers that discipline high quality oscillators to provide a highly accurate time source, comparable to expensive atomic frequency standards. Trimble’s disciplined clock product lines offer a range of performance choices holdover, phase noise, size and cost, ideally suitable for your application.

Thunderbolt® PTP Grandmaster Clock GM200

The Trimble Thunderbolt® PTP Grandmaster Clock is designed for the telecom market, for use at the edge of wireless networks requiring phase synchronization. The GM200 provides continuous availability of UTC traceable time for phase synchronization, a must for LTE-Advanced networks and services.

The Thunderbolt PTP GM200 employs industry-leading Trimble GNSS performance, and world class holdover technology.

The PTP GM200 tolerates harsh environmental conditions, supporting both indoors & outdoors deployments with extended operating temperature range (-40 to +85 C).

  • IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock
    • Multiple PTP Profiles (G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, Telecom-2008 Profile, Enterprise Profile, Power Profile, Broadcast Profile SMPTE)
  • Multi-Constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou & Galileo)
  • 15ns (1-sigma) time accuracy relative to GNSS reference
  • A holdover of ±1.5us over 4 hours
  • Inputs: GNSS, 1588-PTP and SyncE
  • Outputs: 1588-PTP, NTP, SyncE, PPS, and 10MHz
  • Network Management: SNMP, Web UI, CLI
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support

Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined Clock

The Trimble® Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined Clock is Trimble’s latest offering for GPS synchronization devices targeting the wireless infrastructure. This fifth-generation GPS clock combines a 12-channel GPS receiver, control circuitry, and a high-quality ovenized oscillator on a single board, providing increased integrity and reliability at a lower size and cost.

The Thunderbolt E’s level of integration makes it a perfect solution for precise timing applications in the wireless industry. Among its uses are synchronizing the E911 positioning infrastructure and maximizing bandwidth for a wireless local loop. The architecture is comparable to systems currently used to maintain CDMA holdover performance requirements in telecommunications systems.


High volume manufacturing provides reliable low-cost products

Small form-factor idea in its case or as a board only can be embedded into digital broadcast applications as a cost-effective frequency source

Provides reliable performance in hostile RF environments

Extremely cost-competitive timing solution for volume synchronization applications due to a high level of integration and volume production techniques

Thunderbolt® NTP Time Server TS200

The Trimble Thunderbolt® NTP TS200 Time Server is designed for demanding applications that require high-accuracy NTP time stamping. It supports synchronization of thousands of workstations, routers, switches and other network elements for logging and security forensics.

  • NTP v4 Time Server
  • NTP Peering
  • Outputs: NTP, 10MHz and PPS
  • Multi-Constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo)
  • 15ns time accuracy (GPS locked)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • Network Management: SNMP, Web UI, CLI
  • Extended Temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)



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