LoRaWAN Embedded

MultiTech mDot™ and xDot® are secure, regulatory-certified, Arm® Mbed™ programmable, low-power RF modules, providing long-range, low bit rate IoT data connectivity to sensors and actuators.

The mDot and xDot are LoRaWAN compliant, providing bi-directional data communication up to 10 miles line-of-sight and 2-3 miles in buildings, using the global sub-GHz ISM radio bands in North America, Europe, and APAC regions.

The mDot was the first Arm Mbed platform listed on mbed.org that was deployment ready. The mDot supports applications written and compiled in the mbed online environment using developerfriendly libraries. Decision making and control can be done at the edge, reducing the need to optimize RF performance and implement complex IoT middleware. mDots and xDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and a lower overall bill of material to the edge of the network while supporting a variety of interfaces to connect just about any battery-powered “thing”