RF Over Fiber

Pro-grade RF over Fiber transmitters and transceivers for Satcom, GPS, WiMAX/LTE, DAS and more.

Optical Zonu offers a wide range of analog RF over Fiber links for applications in cellular wireless, public safety, network sync, satellite earth stations and specialty military projects

Many of the most popular applications can be called antenna fiber solutions or antenna remoting applications. These include L Band over fiber links for satellite earth stations as well as RF over fiber interfacility links for frequencies up to 40 GHz. They also include RF on fiber connections from GPS antennas, Iridium antennas and coverage antennas for distributed cellular wireless and public safety wireless systems.

These solutions are all analog fiber optic links. This technology is well-established,simple, robust, cost-effective and widely deployed globally. Optical Zonu has a range of analog fiber optic link products and systems for specific applications that have optimum size, weight, form factor, environmental, user interfaces, ease of installation and long-te  rm maintenance.